A message from the President


Welcome to Martin Methodist College and thanks for stopping by. This is a very distinctive college that offers students an amazingly rich experience. The success of each and every student is our top priority and faculty, administration, trustees and alumni come together in an unstinting commitment to nurturing student development. While Martin Methodist enjoys a long and distinguished heritage going back to its founding in 1870; we do not dwell on the past. Our focus is clearly on the future as we prepare for a growing student body, a more expansive range of educational offerings and for the challenge of educating students for 21st century lives of productivity and service.


Martin Methodist College is known first and foremost for academic challenge. The quality of the educational experience we offer is superior. Not only do we have talented professors who are dedicated to teaching, but they are also committed to meeting your individual needs. The average class at Martin is somewhere between 15 and 20 students. Our current students report that their classes are very demanding, but they also praise our faculty for being ready and able to offer extra support on an individual basis. Quite simply, that is the making of a superior college education. If you are interested in higher impact higher education—a life changing experience—then you are in the right place.


 An education at Martin Methodist is also value-added. We focus on the education of the mind—expanding your awareness, your skills and your competencies—all very important elements in a higher education. But we also focus on the education of the heart—expanding your sense of value, of service, of worth. As a church-related institution, Martin Methodist could not be more concerned about these issues. Our curriculum and campus experience do not ignore or disregard these aspects of education, but instead embrace them as a crucial elements in a comprehensive higher education. We are a United Methodist institution, but being true to our Wesleyan traditions we are open-minded about different religious traditions and encourage every student to find his or her way of expressing faithfulness.


And finally, our challenging and value-added education is offered in a very exciting context. You tend to think of Martin Methodist in terms of our quiet, small-town setting. But coming from one who still tries to attend every campus event, let me tell you this is an astonishingly vibrant campus. From a vast array of student activity events to a full intramural sports schedule; from lecture and religious events to our 15 intercollegiate sports schedules; from our cultural events and concert series to student drama offerings; and from our campus-wide convocations to our own first-run campus movie theater. If you think you can’t find something fun to do in Pulaski, think again.


I leave you with just one thought about Martin Methodist College: We are here for one reason and one reason only—to help our students succeed. We are single-minded in purpose as a teaching college and we do not intend to let anything get in the way of providing a first-rate educational experience for every one of our students. With that in mind, I invite you to come and uncover your full potential in this very special place of higher learning.



Ted Brown

Martin Methodist College does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, handicap or veteran status in provision of educational opportunities or employment opportunities and benefits.

Martin Methodist College

433 West Madison St.
Pulaski, TN 38478