Warden Memorial Library Mission Statement

The Warden Memorial Library strives to provide the necessary information resources and guidance to assist the students, faculty and staff of Martin Methodist College in their academic endeavors and their lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

Library Hours are:

Warden Memorial Library Summer Term(s) Hours

Monday                               7:30 am – 10:30 pm

Tuesday                               7:30 am – 4:30 pm

Wednesday                        7:30 am – 4:30 pm

Thursday                             7:30 am – 10:30 pm

Friday                                    7:30 am – 3:30 pm

Saturday, Sunday             CLOSED


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Faculty Information on Scheduling Library Tours

The library faculty encourages you to schedule library instruction classes, especially when an assignment involves research. We can tailor sessions to your assignment by outlining appropriate search strategy, demonstrating print and online resources, and explaining inter-library loan.

Please contact any of the librarians to schedule your sessions. We ask that you give us two week's notice. Any further library instruction in subject areas depends on teachers' requests. We recommend library instruction in major courses during the junior and senior years to familiarize students with the research tools and methods in their subject fields. Requests can be submitted by email by clicking here.

If you plan to hold any of your classes in the library, please call to schedule your class to avoid over-booking. Please leave one island of reference computers available for other library users.


Audio Visual Equipment and Materials

Videocassettes and DVD’s may be used in the library’s AV Room or signed out for two days. Cassettes and CDs may be used in the AV room or signed out. Students may borrow AV equipment for classroom presentations only. Church groups may borrow selected AV equipment at the discretion of the Library Director.

 The library has slide projectors, overhead projectors, tape players, and other equipment that can be checked out by faculty members and students for classroom use. As our selection is limited, we ask that all equipment be returned by 9 A.M. the next weekday unless prior arrangements have been made. The library also handles scheduling of the Alexander Auditorium and its AV equipment.


Holds and Recalls

If a book you want is checked out to another borrower, it can be held for you when it comes back, or recalled from the borrower if they have had it for more than two weeks.


Inter-Library Loan

The Warden Memorial Library is an associate member of SOLINET, a member of SOLINE, and a full lender on OCLC. Our symbol is TNG. We also accept ILL requests by mail using the ALA form, and by phone with a follow-up written version for our records. We do not charge for loans made in the continental U.S., however, we do ask for postage on loans to Alaska, Hawaii, and abroad. We are always interested in new reciprocal agreements with individual libraries.

ILL services are available free to faculty, staff and spouses, except for any fees charged by the lending library. For college-related items, faculty and staff may charge fees to their departmental accounts. Please contact the Inter-library Loan Manager.


Off-Campus Library Access

All databases the library currently subscribes to are available remotely by using password information provided on the database page or by entering a valid MMC webmail name (your name@) and ID number when prompted. Books which are checked out can be renewed or material can be reserved via the library catalog or OPAC.



Students use their ID cards to login and any copying done is deducted from their term print/copy allowance. Default copying is b/w but for an additional charge color copies can be produced. Public patrons must pay at the circulation desk for any copying done.



Faculty may request that the library put a variety of items, such as library books, personal books, or audio visual material on reserve for specific classes. Faculty can set the loan periods which generally run from 2 hour in house use to one week. Faculty may also place selected items on electronic reserve. Materials should be e-mailed in Word, HTML, or plain text formats. E-reserves may include: syllabi, lecture notes, assignments, and web links. Articles or books available through select databases may also be added to your e-reserve page. Contact the Reserve Clerk about placing or removing reserves.

Students requesting reserve materials should go to the Reference desk and ask for materials by professor’s name and title. Selected materials are available through electronic reserve.


Study Rooms

The library has two study rooms available for small group or individual use. Sign up on the study room door. Study rooms may be used by anyone when the room is not reserved.



Microsoft Office 2010 is installed on all the computers. Please Note: if you use other word processing programs please make sure they will open in Word. Saving as an .rtf (rich text file) will avoid any difficulties. Some test preparation software is also available. Most software needed for Martin classes is pre-loaded on these computers.


New Additions to the Collection

To view the latest additions to the library, click here.



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