With constant challenges facing the business world in today’s ever-evolving economy, any advantage can mean a better bottom line, and a new certificate program at Martin Methodist College in negotiations and sales will offer that edge.

The Certificate Program in Negotiations and Professional Selling, which begins on Oct. 1 of this year, is the initial offering of continuing and professional educational opportunities.

Also on the horizon, but not connected to the certificate program, will be the college's first academic graduate program – a Master of Business Administration degree – which is tentatively scheduled to enroll its first students in May 2014.

This inaugural certificate program is a four-course sequence aimed at business-to-business salespeople, with the participants meeting one night a week – Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on the Martin Methodist campus. There will also be an on-line component to the program. The first course in the sequence will be “Negotiations and Conflict Resolution,” designed to benefit a broad audience, not just business development professionals. 

“We expect it to be helpful to attorneys, real estate agents, union officials and anyone else who needs to enhance their negotiation skills,” said Dr. Dennis Haskins, vice president for effectiveness and planning.” 

Because of the hands-on nature of this course, enrollment is limited. Interested persons are encouraged to contact Kim Dunnavant, director of evening programs, at 931-424-7398 for more information or go to the college’s website at

It is that hands-on approach, in fact, that Dr. James Murrell, vice president for academic affairs at Martin Methodist, believes will make this certificate program so invaluable.

“The Certificate Program in Negotiations and Professional Selling will be taught in a highly interactive way, with an emphasis on cutting-edge management practices, skill development, teamwork, and communications,” Murrell said. “We are designing the schedule to be convenient for working people, combining on-line content delivery with all-important classroom experience and interaction. On-line content takes care of the ‘book learning’ aspect, but effective management is a combination of skills, that is both people skills and communication skills, and knowledge. You can’t develop skills by sitting in front of a screen. You have to be interacting with actual people to develop management skills.”

In its long-range plan, known as Martin 2020, Martin Methodist College has targeted the south central Tennessee region to offer its resources to assist in such areas as leadership development and economic development, and President Ted Brown sees this certificate program as a perfect example of the role that the college can play.

“Business growth and success depends upon capable management as much as it does on a proficient workforce,” Brown said. “Our region has many opportunities for workforce development, but none for cutting-edge management training. The Certificate Program in Negotiations and Professional Selling will provide a much-needed source of advanced preparation for the executives, managers, and professionals throughout southern middle Tennessee. We will also be providing innovative programs for professionals, especially those who need worthwhile continuing education credits to maintain their licenses and professional credentials.”

The location of the Martin Methodist College campus, Haskins added, also makes this certificate program convenient for business professionals in Williamson County and north Alabama.

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