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Campus Parking Information

(Parking Zones-Regulations-Violations-Registration-Decals)

Faculty/Staff Parking Zones

  • Colonial Hall Back Lot
  • Johnston Center Side Lot
  • West Flower Street Parking (Behind Gault)
  • Martin Hall Street Parking Spaces
  • Student Life Side Lot (Open Parking 5pm - 7am)
  • Curry Christian Life Center (CLC) 2nd Row
  • Turner Center Back Lot
  • Red Parking Spaces at East Campus
Reserved Faculty/Staff Lots are strictly enforced from 7am-8pm Monday-Friday unless otherwise posted (Faculty/Staff Zones are Open Parking 8pm-7am)

Student Parking Zones

Blue Permit Parking Zones

  • Commuter Parking Lot (Open parking 8pm-7am)

Red Permit Parking Zones

  • Street Parking Around Upperman Hall
  • Upperman Hall Parking Lot
  • West Madison Street Parking
  • Street Parking Beside Criswell Hall

Green Permit Parking Zones

  • Oakwood Parking Lot

Additional Parking Zones

Overflow Lots: Lots open to all Permit Classifications.

  • Curry Christian Life Center (CLC)
  1. 3rd and 4th Row In Front of CLC
  2. Lot Directly Beside Pool
  • Spaced Behind Johnston Center (Street Parking Prohibited)

Amnesty Lot: No MMC Permit Required

  • Parking Lot west of the MMC Bookstore
The college Reserves the right to close any parking zone for college purposes and to administer violations to those that do not follow the rules.

Parking Regulations

  • All persons parking their vehicle with intent to appear on campus including: Faculty, Staff, Students and Visitors are subject to parking enforcement regardless of the location.
  • Vehicles may only be parked in locations allocated for the color of the decal on the vehicle.
  • It is your responsibility to find a legal parking space.
  • Inclement weather will not alter the provisions of these regulations.
  • No student, staff, or faculty shall be parked directly in front of (facing) the Christian Life Center.
  • No student, staff, or faculty shall be parked in the CB&S Bank lot at any time.
  • No student, staff, or faculty shall park on city streets adjacent to campus property.
  • No student, staff, or faculty shall park on the street behind Bull Market.
  • Park only in lined spaces.
  • Never park in handicapped spaces without a state issued permit.
  • Do not park or drive in the grass.
  • Vehicles may only use one parking space.
  • No student, staff, or faculty shall park on West Madison St. at the Turner Center.
  • No student may “reserve” a parking space by placing barricades, cones, or other objects in the parking space when they depart.

Parking Violations

The person registering the vehicle is responsible for all parking violations by that vehicle. Student, Staff, and Faculty can pay parking violations at the Business Office located in Colonial Hall.

Rapid RedHawk Discount: Violations paid within 10 business days of the date on the violation will receive a dis-count of $10 per violation. **Handicap Violations Excluded**

Students who violate College parking policy and have accumulated three or more unpaid violations may have an immobilization device placed on their vehicle until all violations have been paid along with an additional $25 immobilization fee.
The college has the right to have any vehicle towed at the owner’s expense. This includes any vehicle on college property in violation of campus rules and regulations or if the safety or efficient operations of campus functions are impaired.


  1. Blocking Dumpster ---------------------- $25.00
  2. Blocking Driveway ----------------------- $25.00
  3. Improper Parking ------------------------ $25.00
  4. In A No Parking Area -------------------- $30.00
  5. In A Reserved Parking Area ----------- $35.00
  6. No MMC Permit --------------------------- $35.00
  7. Blocking Handicap ------------------------ $50.00
  8. Out-Dated Permit ------------------------- $25.00
  9. Improper Permit Placement ---------- $20.00
  10. Blocking Major Entrances -------------- $40.00
  11. Double Parked ----------------------------- $40.00
  12. Special Event Interference ------------- $40.00
  13. Safety Equipment Interference ------ $40.00

To download a copy of the 2019 Parking Regulations click here.

Vehicle Registration

All Students, Faculty, Staff and Visitors who operate and/or park a motor vehicle on campus are required to register their vehicles with Campus Security. 

Registration Information:

  • Parking permits can be obtained in the Campus Security Office located in The Criminal Justice Center and Campus Security House.
  • Failure to register a vehicle or properly display a permit will result in a violation.
  • Temporary permits can be obtained from the Director of Safety and Security for a maximum of two weeks. Request by email:
  • The college assumes no responsibility for damages to, or loss of, any vehicle, or its contents, at any time it is operated or parked on Martin Methodist Campus.
  • Visitors and vehicles without MMC permits may park in our amnesty lot or obtain a temporary parking permit from the Director of Safety and Security. Request by email:
  • Any questions or concerns please call Campus Security: 931-309-7502 or email Director Josie

Parking Hanger Decals

All Students, Faculty, and Staff must have a Martin Methodist College Parking Hanger/Decal clearly and properly displayed on their vehicle.

  • Parking hangers/decals not properly displayed or adhered to the vehicle will receive a violation. 
  • The first parking decal of the school year is free. Replacement decals require a $25 fee.
  • Parking decals shall be displayed on the outside of the vehicle’s rear window in the lower left hand corner (directly behind the driver) out of the drivers view.
If the parking decal cannot be adhered to the exterior of the rear window due to obstructions it may be adhered to the lower left hand corner of the front window (directly in front of the driver) out of the view of the driver.
Decals shall not be placed on the dashboard or taped to the in-side of the window. Decals not correctly attached to the win-dow may receive a violation for no permit. Violations for improper adherence of decals are the same as not having a decal.

Remove your old permit before putting on the new one!!

To download a copy of the 2019 Parking Regulations, which includes the above information please click here.


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