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Martin Methodist College is committed to the principles of equal opportunity as defined under Federal and State law and does not discriminate unlawfully on the basis of race, color, creed, disability, national/ethnic origin, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran  status in its admission Policy, programs, or activities, educational policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic and other College-administered programs, or employment practices and programs. Martin Methodist College is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer under all applicable civil rights laws. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.


Faculty rank shall be Instructor of Nursing, Non-Tenured; Renewable annually.  Coordinator of Martin Clinic.

College also agrees to provide the following benefits:

  • Individual health, dental, life and long-term disability insurance in accordance with College    policies
  • Retirement (TIAA-CREF) – See Employee Handbook – (Only if eligible and enrolled in the HR Office)


For the above consideration, the employee agrees to perform the duties outlined below in accordance with the Faculty Handbook.

All Full Time Nursing Faculty Responsibilities (any and all may be required as program need arises):

  1. Supervise student groups in clinical areas (maintain presence in the facility during the entire clinical time if student(s) is/are not under the authority of a preceptor or in an observational role).
  2. Post and maintain not less than eight (8) office hours per week and abide by the College policies as stated in the Faculty Handbook and the Employee Handbook.
  3. Place a syllabus for each course in CAMS, follow the syllabus guide included in the Faculty Handbook, maintain attendance records in CAMS and submit midterm and final grades through CAMS by the stated deadlines.
  4. Meet class sessions on the assigned dates and for the entire times stated in the class schedule.
  5. Demonstrate proper respect for students, faculty, and staff and has student friendly manner in the conduct of class, advising sessions, and other job-related interactions.
  6. Work diligently toward attaining the purpose and goals of the College as stated in the College Catalog.
  7. Serve as an advisor to a student organization when appointed by the College President and serve on faculty and special committees as assigned by the Academic Dean and/or College President.
  8. Participate in special events including Student Visitation Days, Student Orientation, Graduation, etc., if requested.
  9. Participate in Division of Nursing Faculty and Committee Meetings.
  10. Participate in ongoing program evaluation activities as needed.
  11. Conduct yourself in accordance with the Faculty Code of Conduct.
  12. Other duties as assigned.

MMC Campus Clinic Responsibilities as the MMC Campus Clinic Supervisor

  1. Primary care provider in the MMC campus clinic 
  2. Responsible for medical management of clients seen in the MMC campus clinic
  3. Responsible for medical documentation in the MMC campus clinic
  4. Responsible for management of scheduling open/closed days in the MMC campus clinic
  5. Responsible for supervision of MMC Campus Clinic Office Manager

Faith Community Nursing Van Outreach coordination responsibilities related to:

  1. MMC nursing students van experiences
  2. Stocking supplies needed for nursing student van experiences
  3. MMC non-nursing campus transportation van requests in coordination with the Nursing Administrative Assistant
  4. Responsible for logging community clinical student hours and forwarding to Nursing Administrative Assistant

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Provides lecture/ clinical / On-campus clinical (sim lab) instruction to students in approved health care settings, adhering to the policies of the clinical setting and the College.
  2. May be assigned as follows:
    • Workload of 12 hours per semester including lecture, online-courses, and/or clinical/clinical simulation rotations
    • Excess of 12 hours per semester is paid as overload
  3. Discuss with students their concerns and/or problems directly or indirectly related to learning experience.
  4. Is responsible to assist the student to develop an understanding of values, attitudes, and ideals appropriate to the health care profession.
  5. Participate in faculty meetings, both formally and informally with didactic and clinical faculty members.
  6. Serve on Division and/or College committees
  7. Provide clinical, classroom, and clinical simulation lab instruction.
  8. Supervises student groups in clinical areas (maintains presence in the facility during entire student clinical time if student(s) is/are not assigned to a preceptor).
  9. Orients students to the clinical area, and demonstrates proper procedures.
  10. Leads discussions and elicits information from students, which demonstrate that students are learning and accomplishing the clinical objectives.
  11. Maintains clinical standards and course expectations throughout each course or term.
  12. Evaluates and grades student performance.   For clinical assignments, meets with students at midterm for formal evaluation and again at the end of the course as to progress and performance.
  13. Maintains the professional practice knowledge base needed to instruct learners in contemporary nursing practice.
  14. Communicates with On-campus Clinical Simulation Lab Coordinator, Clinical Coordinator, and/or Division Chair as necessary to resolve issues or concerns in clinical areas.
  15. Works effectively as part of the overall faculty team demonstrating positive interpersonal relations, collaborating with other faculty members to meet student needs, participating in faculty meetings and nursing program committees, and responding to requests from management.
  16. Participates in ongoing program evaluation activities as needed.
  17. Maintains faculty expectations as required by the College and the Board of Nursing.
  18. Demonstrates proper respect for students, and has student-friendly manner in the conduct of class.
  19. Others duties as assigned.

Application materials are to be sent to the Office of the Provost.

  • Dr. Judy Cheatham, Provost
    Martin Methodist College
    433 West Madison Street
    Pulaski, TN 38478

  • For Electronic Submissions:
    Email: ebass@martinmethodist.edu

Founded in 1870, Martin Methodist College is a four-year liberal arts college related to the Tennessee Conference of the United Methodist Church. On an historic campus located in Pulaski, TN., in the beautiful hills of southern Middle Tennessee, the college is convenient to both Nashville (70 miles to the north) and Huntsville, Ala. (40 miles to the south).  https://www.martinmethodist.edu/

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