As a part of an ongoing plan to promote student health at Martin Methodist College (MMC) and to make the college more sustainable, water refill stations have been placed around the campus. Since the first one was installed in April 2016, MMC has kept 22,611 plastic bottles out of landfills.

Upon noticing poor water quality and understanding how wasteful it is to throw away plastic bottles, sophomore and Biology Club president Hunter Martin went around campus to calculate how many plastic bottles are being kept out of landfills via the eight refill stations spread across MMC. His findings revealed huge numbers, with the one refill station in the Johnston Center on campus keeping 11,367 plastic bottles out of landfills alone.

“Just from Martin Methodist, we’ve kept over 20,000 plastic bottles out of landfills,” said Martin. “It’s a small step, but we have to do something. We need to promote sustainability and not be wasteful. A quote from Margaret Mead in my sustainability text book said, ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’”

“We’ve been overly impressed about the level of initiative shown by the students who are showing that they really do care about not only sustainability in reducing our plastic water usage, but also about student health,” said Biology Professor Dr. Shanna Hanes. “We’re pushing over 20,000 plastic water bottles that have been saved just at Martin Methodist—that’s amazing! We’re very proud of our students and hope that we hit 100,000 soon!”


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