On July 23, 2018, standing on the large “M” engraved in the patio of the Grissom Gazebo on Martin Methodist College’s (MMC) Campus Green, Tennessee Deputy Governor Jim Henry, accompanied by Mayor of Pulaski Pat Ford, State Senator Joey Hensley and State Representative Barry Doss, announced to an audience of the College’s faculty and staff, Pulaski community members, and government officials the award of a $1,951,362 Transportation Alternative Grant to the city of Pulaski for sidewalk improvements.

The project, a part of the City Council Strategic Plan, includes construction and reconstruction of sidewalks along Madison Street, N. 5th Street, West Flower Street, N. 6th Street, and West College Street. The project also includes landscaping, ADA upgrades, and pedestrian amenities.

As a staple in Pulaski’s rural community, Martin Methodist College and its students will benefit greatly from these funded improvements. While some benefits are more direct, with some of the sidewalks to be constructed or improved framing the College’s campus, many benefits impact the town’s cosmetics and economy, making Pulaski safer, more accessible, and more attractive for new and current residents of all ages. The construction and reconstruction of these sidewalks will also encourage future development that will only further push Pulaski toward a newly-improved rural town.

The Transportation Alternative Grant is made possible through a federally-funded program formerly known as Transportation Enhancement, and it’s administered by the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

“It was a great day in the life of Martin Methodist College to have our city and state officials on campus to announce such wonderful news for Pulaski,” said President Mark La Branche. “The award of the sidewalk grant will directly benefit the College by providing our community safer places to walk, opening a door for us to attract more students to MMC.”


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