The General Education Core is the foundation of the College’s curriculum regardless of one’s chosen field of pursuit. The Core includes introductory courses selected from a variety of academic disciplines that are intended to provide students with a strong liberal arts foundation of sufficient breadth and depth of learning experiences to prepare them for advanced study in their chosen discipline.


General Education Goals


The overall goal of the Core curriculum is to prepare students to become and continue to be discerning, well-educated citizens who possess the ability to communicate ideas, analyze concepts, and understand human experience. Graduates of Martin Methodist College should demonstrate:


  1. the ability to organize, interpret, and communicate ideas clearly and accurately both orally and in writing;
  2. an awareness of the importance of balanced intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical development;
  3. an awareness of the importance of human interaction and ethical judgment in a diverse and global society;
  4. analytical skills using quantitative, qualitative, and scientific concepts.


Courses in the General Education Core curriculum address the goals listed above. In many of the courses in composition, literature, history, music, art, drama, and religion, research papers and oral presentations require students to organize and interpret ideas and communicate these ideas in written and oral formats. Required classes in literature, history, religion, art, music, and drama offer students the opportunity to broaden their perspectives, so they can appreciate the richness of our Western heritage and the heritage of other cultures. Classes in history, literature, psychology, sociology, and religion help students to recognize the complexities of human interaction in today’s society and to realize the importance of ethical judgment viewed from a Judeo-Christian perspective. Courses in mathematics, sciences, and technology provide students the opportunity to develop problem solving, logical reasoning, and technological skills, while physical education classes promote improvement in physical conditioning and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


To further aid in the achievement of these Core curriculum goals, each student is required to attend a number of campus events each year, called Martin Moments events. While no credit hours are awarded for Martin Moments, completion of the requirement is noted on the transcript on a pass/fail basis, and satisfactory completion is a requirement for graduation.


In addition to successful completion of the required General Education Core courses, assessment of learning outcomes in the General Education Core are made by using nationally normed tests and course-embedded assessments.


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