Division Overview


Division Chair-Kayla McKinney Wiggins

Office: Martin Hall, 1st Floor
Telephone: 931.363.9859 or e-mail: kwiggins@martinmethodist.edu


Full-Time Faculty


Harwell, Ireson*, West, Whittemore, Wiggins

Assistant Professors:

Lewter-Milliken, Meinhart, Nigrelli, Powell, E.Stalions, Wilkerson


Keeton*, Schafer*

Adjunct Faculty:

Barnett, A. Brown, Bumbach, Engel, Keeton, King, McDonald, Perry, Poythress, Radcliffe, Robinson, A. Stalions, Standish, Rich, Waybright, Worn


The mission of the Division of Humanities at Martin Methodist College is to enhance the liberal arts education of Martin Methodist College students by offering a variety of courses in art, music, language, composition, literature, drama, religion, and philosophy. While some students will investigate these disciplines at a deeper level in academic majors preparing for specific future careers, all students will be introduced to these subject areas in the general education core. Through these course offerings the Division of Humanities hopes to:

  • promote personal growth in students through appreciation of the new disciplines to which they have been exposed;
  • foster awareness in students of the cultural, spiritual, aesthetic, ethical, and intellectual diversity found within the human experience;
  • encourage critical thinking, writing, and research skills in students that will prepare them for lifelong learning.


The Division of Humanities offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, Liberal Arts, and Music; either the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in the Church’s Educational Ministry, Church Vocations, Dramatic Arts, or Religion and Philosophy; and a certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).


The major in the Church’s Educational Ministry is designed for those students who wish to enter the field of Christian Education, particularly stressing Youth Ministry or Children’s Ministry, or to pursue graduate work in Christian Education or other theological disciplines. Graduates will be qualified for certification by the United Methodist General Board of Higher Education and Ministry if desired. The major in Church Vocations is designed to provide a basic understanding of the Christian faith, while also preparing students to pursue graduate training in theological education and/or pursue a variety of career choices including administrative positions and music director positions in the church. The major in Religion and Philosophy is designed for students interested in an academic study of religion and philosophy in western culture, but who do not intend to pursue careers as religious leaders. Each student will be allowed to focus his/her program of study more on religion or on philosophy as personal interest dictates.


English majors take a variety of courses in writing, literature, and language that prepare them for a diversity of career fields, or for graduate study. English serves as an excellent major in such fields as teaching, business, journalism, law, medicine, and publishing. The TESOL certificate program provides a theoretical and practical foundation in the study of second language acquisition (SLA) and is designed for students who wish to teach English as a Second Language in the United States or abroad. The coursework comprises linguistics, SLA, methodology, assessment, advanced grammar, and a practicum. A minimum grade of “C” is required in all TESOL courses in order to receive certification. An ESL endorsement is also available for those who wish to teach ESL at the Pre-K – 12 levels.


The music major is designed to give students a broad background in music theory and music history as well as multiple opportunities to develop and demonstrate their performance abilities. Graduates from this program will be qualified for a variety of careers in the music industry as well as further graduate studies.


The Dramatic Arts major is designed to provide students with the training and skills to work in the professional theatre in a variety of venues from technical theatre to performance, or to pursue graduate study.


Through a broad range of courses, the Liberal Arts major is designed to provide depth of learning and to appeal to students with eclectic interests. The program encourages the development and application of reading, writing, and critical thinking skills necessary to prepare students to function effectively in an ever-changing social environment and job market.


Students interested in a major within the Division of Humanities should consult the appropriate program coordinator as listed below:

  • The Church’s Educational Ministry, Church Vocations, Religion and Philosophy–C. Patrick Whittemore
  • Dramatic Arts-David Wilkerson
  • English-Kayla McKinney Wiggins
  • Liberal Arts- Kayla McKinney Wiggins


*Denotes full-time employees whose appointment includes part-time teaching in addition to other non-teaching responsibilities.

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