Program Overview

The Dramatic Arts program is geared toward a professional mindset, teaching students the required skills, drive, and mindset needed to succeed as paid professionals in a quite demanding field. A firm nod is also given to the new reality that affirms the need for artists to create their own opportunities. Gone are the days when actors and directors and designers can wait by their phones for the next audition or interview. Artists must be equipped and ready to create their own art and their own financial opportunities. Martin strives to equip its students with the ability to do just that.

How you will Benefit from this Program

Students are taught by working professionals in their fields. Adjunct professors are all working professionals. Two Guest Directors are brought in annually who are professional directors (including Artistic Directors of professional theaters). Graduates will benefit from the faculty’s professional contacts, experience, and guidance.


On the acting side, students will learn skills including Shakespearean acting, accents & dialects, acting for the camera, stage combat, voice & movement, and advanced scene study, just to name a few. On the production side, classes include directing, theatre production, film & video production, careers in the performing arts, etc. In addition, students learn what will be expected of them in professional rehearsal halls and film sets and television studios; to support this, professional guidelines and expectations are followed in all main-stage productions.

Growth Potential

Graduates have already experienced a high level of success including internships and professional acting and technical jobs, which started through opportunities provided by contacts and skills acquired at Martin.

Job Opportunities

Whether graduates move to New York, Los Angeles, or Nashville, the professional contacts of the faculty and the contacts make with the professional faculty and directors will serve the young professionals well.

Expected Outcomes:

To view the expected outcomes and the curriculum in its entirety, visit here. For advising forms, click here.

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