Program Overview

The English Program at Martin Methodist College strives to educate students to be cogent thinkers, insightful readers, accomplished writers, and capable researchers.  The English Program has been in place since 1999 and celebrates among its graduates many Barton scholars and MMC honor students.  Completion of the program requires 36 upper-level hours in English, including courses in literature, writing and language, and thematic studies.  Students in this program also have the opportunity to acquire secondary teaching licensure and/or TESOL (Teaching English to Speaker’s of Other Languages) certification and/or a certificate in Professional Writing.

How you will Benefit from this Program

English majors will enjoy the thrill of reading great literature, of writing effectively, and of thinking about their world in new, insightful ways.


Students will gain communication skills, learning to read, write, research, and speak more effectively.

Quality & Convenience

Students who complete this program will have a BA in English with the opportunity to also attain teaching certification and/or TESOL certification.  Some of the TESOL courses are also available online.

Growth Potential

The job world of the 21st century is one that emphasizes flexible skills and the ability to learn.  English majors acquire research and language skills that will help their marketability in this career environment, but, more importantly, they learn to think about their world in insightful ways, making them more flexible and adaptable to new learning environments.

Job Opportunities

English majors are prepared for any career field that requires strong communication skills.  Marketing, advertising, public relations, publishing, journalism, teaching, law, and research are just a few of the examples.

Bachelor's Degree in English

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English Minor

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TESOL Certificate

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Professional Writing Certificate

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Advising Forms

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