Program Overview

The Liberal Arts program began a number of years ago when the President and the Academic Dean empowered a faculty committee to create a degree plan with the flexibility necessary to answers the needs of a changing global community and workforce.  The result was a degree plan that, as it has evolved, encourages great flexibility and creativity in learning.

How you will Benefit from this Program

Students who major in Liberal Arts will enter the work force of the future with flexible skills that can be tailored to many career paths.


Liberal Arts emphasizes creative and critical thinking, as well as cultural enrichment.  Students learn to research, read, write, and think about the world in creative and fulfilling ways.

Quality & Convenience

Liberal Arts prepares students for the world and work force of tomorrow by encouraging individual growth and enrichment through a broad menu of course offerings and learning potential.

Growth Potential

Students in the Liberal Arts program attain a flexible world view and a variety of skills that broaden their horizons not only in terms of careers but in terms of life and personal fulfillment.

Job Opportunities

Liberal Arts graduates can work in any field that encourages flexibility, critical thinking, people skills, and the ability to communicate effectively with others.

Expected Outcomes:

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts

To view the expected outcomes and the curriculum in its entirety, visit here. For advising forms, click here.

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