Evaluating Websites

(Recommended Websites)

It is essential for every good researcher to check sources for accuracy and reliability before publishing or submitting a research paper or project. Many guidelines have been written about evaluating websites. All have the following criteria in common:


  • Can you find this information in other places?
  • Is the information reliable and free of errors?


  • Who is the author or creator?
  • Is the author associated with a reputable organization or university?
  • Can the author be contacted from the website?
  • Is there a list of sources used or recommended by the author?
  • Is the URL domain non-commercial?


  • Is the information presented without bias?
  • Is the information covered well?
  • Is the information relevant to your topic?


  • Does the page include the date it was created?
  • Has the information been updated?


  • Is the page easy to search?
  • Does the page download quickly?
  • Is the information well-organized?


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