The chemistry major prepares students who desire to enter graduate or professional study in chemistry, and provides the requisite education in chemistry for medical school, dental school, and other health-related fields. Students may also choose to minor in chemistry.


Expected Outcomes

1. Students will be able to apply the fundamental principles of chemistry.
2. Students will demonstrate the ability to integrate the various areas of chemistry to solve complex problems.
3. Students will be able to formulate logical solutions to problems and extend problem-solving skills to different situations.
4. Students will be able to execute well-designed experiments in the laboratory using a variety of laboratory skills.
5. Students will be able to effectively document experimental records, interpret experimental results and draw reasonable
conclusions from their own data and that collected by outside sources.
6. Students will be able to communicate effectively through oral and written reports.
7. Students will have a working knowledge of how chemistry interacts with society.
8. Students will have the chemistry skills and knowledge to succeed in their post-graduate plans whether in graduate school, professional school, or industry.


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