Division Overview

Mathematics & Science

Division Chair – Dr. Jac Cole

Office: D.W. Johnston Center, Room 206
Telephone: 931.424.2076 or e-mail: jcole@martinmethodist.edu

Full-Time Faculty



Associate Professors:

Belford, Dorer, Mattingly

Assistant Professors:

Aust, Chee, Hanes, Wakefield, Watkins


Badolato, R. Richardson

Adjunct Faculty

D. Eubanks, Murrell



The mission of the Division of Mathematics and Sciences is to offer courses and programs that assist students in developing inquisitive and analytical minds required to appreciate the mechanics of the world and its environments. The division encourages scholarship, skeptical inquiry and the free exchange of ideas within the classroom and laboratory. The faculty of math and natural sciences is committed to excellence in teaching and learning, and to working closely with other divisions in fulfilling the mission of Martin Methodist College in providing educational programs grounded in the liberal arts and sciences that are designed to prepare students for future careers and lives of continued learning.

The Division of Mathematics and Sciences includes the academic disciplines of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physical science, offering bachelor degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Students majoring in Biology can choose an emphasis in Wildlife Biology and Ecology, Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology, or General Biology. Each of the degree programs can prepare students to enter graduate or professional programs or to work in entry-level positions in different areas of biology. Students majoring in Chemistry can choose an emphasis in Biochemistry, Forensics, and General Chemistry. Any of these degree programs can prepare students to enter graduate or professional programs or to work in a laboratory setting. The Mathematics major prepares students to enter graduate school, work in mathematical modeling in industry, or work in other quantitative fields. The Division also houses the interdisciplinary program in Cyber Security. The Cyber Security major includes courses in mathematics, computer science, criminal justice, and business, and it prepares graduates for multiple careers in cyber security, including both technical and managerial paths.


Preparing for a Career in the Health Sciences

Students interested in careers in the health professions (dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, veterinary science, physical therapy, etc.) should select a major as early as possible and work towards the bachelor’s degree. Some professional schools accept students with fewer than four years of college work, but most prefer students who possess the bachelor’s degree. A student should be familiar with the specific requirements of the professional school to which he/she plans to apply. Completion of these programs at Martin Methodist College, however, does not assure admission to a particular professional program. Selection for admission to these programs is very competitive and is determined by the respective institution and programs according to their own criteria.

Requirements vary with the school and program, but the general requirements of most professional schools include the following courses in addition to a strong liberal arts and sciences core: General Chemistry with laboratory (8 hours), Biology with laboratory (8 hours), Organic Chemistry with laboratory (8 hours), and Physics with laboratory (8 hours). Other suggested courses include: Human Anatomy and Physiology (8 hours), Biochemistry (3 hours), Algebra/Trig or Calculus (3-6 hours), Microbiology (4 hours), Statistics (3 hours), Cell Biology (4 hours) and Immunology (3 hours).

Students interested in a major within the Division of Mathematics and Sciences should consult the appropriate program coordinator as listed below:

  • Biology- Dr. Doug Dorer
  • Pre-Health Professions- Dr. Doug Dorer
  • Chemistry- Dr. Watkins
  • Cyber Security- Nan Wakefield
  • Mathematics- Dr. Aust

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