Program Overview

The Criminal Justice degree program has been in place at MMC since 2005.  It is the philosophy of the Criminal Justice program that we are a profession and that we strive to educate and place the highest quality professionals into field operations as possible.  To accomplish this standard the professorial staff focuses on the practical application of in class information, relating it to how the actual functioning of the material taught in real life circumstances. 

Due to the relative small size of class professors are able to assist students in pursuing their interests in specialized fields within the system.  This not only helps students prepare for careers in the field but also aids them in preparation for graduate studies.  Occasionally graduates return to professors to review materials they need to be highly skilled in for graduate studies.  The dedication of the professorial staff is a commodity beyond purchase and is a trait of the superiority of their field experience.


How you will Benefit from this Program

Because the Criminal Justice degree program at MMC is staffed with seasoned field professionals students benefit from their combined knowledge gained through years of practical experience in the field.  This cannot be replicated from pure academics nor can it be obtained from textbooks sources.



Students graduating from the MMC Criminal Justice program are skilled in a wide variety of abilities.  Besides the basic knowledge of the development and diversity of the three elemental branches of the Criminal Justice field, students understand how those elements function together and separately.  They acquire basic crime scene skills, interview/interrogation skills, practical legal knowledge, a working sense of professional ethics, report writing skills, observational skills, academic writing skills, critical thinking skills, and a sense of comradery that will follow them into their professional lives after graduation.

Quality, Convenience & Growth Potential

Initially, because students are mentored by Criminal Justice professors, they stay on track in the program, not wasting time or money on lasses that will not work toward fulfillment of their graduation requirements.  The quality of our educational process has been acclaimed by field professionals in their reports back to us concerning our graduate’s level of excellence in their work. 

Growth Potential

Because the MMC Criminal Justice degree does not focus on specialization but addresses the field generally, students are exposed to a wide range of potential career options related to the field.  Coupled with the field experience of the professorial staff students are exposed to practical features of the field and the potentials that exist in the "real world."

Job Opportunities

Careers in Criminal Justice have exploded over the past decades.  We have graduates working in everything from traditional enforcement positions, to support positions, to laboratory experts in DNA.  Salaries vary according to the job, its location, and function within the field.


Expected Outcomes:

  1. Students will be versed in the history, development, and operational aspects of the criminal justice system in the United States.
  2. Students will gain practical forensic evidentiary processing skills.
  3. Students will acquire investigatory, interview and reporting skills.
  4. Students will obtain an understanding of Federal, state and local laws, both civil and criminal, and the judicial proceedings by which these laws are applied to our society.
  5. Students will be exposed to the criminal justice field environment and social construct.

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Minor in Criminal Justice

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Minor in Criminal Justice with a Legal Emphasis

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