See the world, for credit!

The idea of the International Studies Program was proposed as a unique way for Martin Methodist College students to experience other cultures and people.

Each student who participates in the Martin Methodist College ISP Program will receive Martin Methodist College credit based upon the program.

Students have a wide array of options to choose from including: learning a foreign language in France or Argentina, studying at Harlaxton in England, experiencing a semester in South Africa or Ireland or experiencing a summer in Madero, Mexico.

Participation is increasing each year and now more and more travel experiences are being added which provide attractive ways to earn college credit.

This International Studies program is a great way to spend a summer or semester! The value that an experience like this can provide will help you in finding a niche once you graduate Martin Methodist College.

Approved Credit-Bearing Martin Methodist College Travel Programs 2014-2015

Short-Term Language
Credit Hours
Approx Cost Range
Time frame
France – French Immersion 3-6 Roger Ireson 4000-5000 Summer
Argentina – Spanish Immersion 3-6 Roger Ireson 3000-4000 Summer
Mexico – Spanish Immersion 3-6 Andrew Brown 2000-3000


July or Full Term

**Korea – Korean Immersion 3-6 Eric Stalions 3000-4000 August


Exchanges and Study Abroad
Credit Hours
Approx Cost Range
Time frame
Mexico-U Madero 9-18 Andrew Brown 3000-4000 Fall, Spring, Summer
Mexico-UDLAP 9-18 Andrew Brown 4000-7000 Fall, Spring, Summer
England, UK-Harlaxton 12-18 Brant Harwell 12000-1500 Fall (Honors Students Only)
Zimbabwe-Africa University 12-18 Andrew Brown 3000-4000 Fall, Spring
Ireland, UK, Multiple Universities 12-18 Andrew Brown 5000-6000 Fall, Spring
Brazil, Multiple, MISEN  12-18 Andrew Brown TBD Fall, Spring
Korea-Pai Chai University 12-18 Eric Stalions TBD Fall, Spring
Taiwan, MISEN 12-18 Andrew Brown TBD Fall, Spring


Travel Study/Research 
Credit Hours
Approx Cost Range
Time frame
History of Rock and Roll  3 Ken Vickers/M Meinhart $100 Fall Term , Nov Travel
Religious Culture of Mexico 3 Pat Whittemore,  A Brown $1500 May Term
Culture of Appalachia     3 A Brown $150-200 May Term
Civil War in TN 3 Ken Vickers $150-200 May Term
**Undergrad Research 3-6 Various TBD Summer


Other choir tours, tourist trips, and undergraduate research trips may be available on a term-by-term basis, but may not bear academic credit.

** these programs are currently under committee review.

How do I pay for this experience?

Each program has distinct costs and it is important to start planning early in your career at Martin Methodist College. You can receive outside Financial Aid only, which means Martin Methodist College Aid does not apply.  However, each student has their own unique aid situation based upon their FAFSA and it is important to understand the financial impact so you can start planning for the out-of-pocket costs.

How do I find out more information?

Each year the International Studies Committee hosts a series of events to get you acquainted with International Travel.  These events include: International Convocation, International Day in the Dining Hall, Informational sessions throughout the semester, and a booth at the activity fair.  These events provide you with an opportunity to learn more about each program.

Individual meetings can be set-up as well to discuss any of these programs in greater detail.  For questions contact George Cheatham, 931.424.2031, Director of International Studies at Martin Methodist College located in Martin Hall, 433 W. Madison Street, Pulaski, TN 38478.

Visit us on Facebook to learn more about programs and how you can make International Studies a part of your college experience!

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