Martin Methodist College offers three types of academic study abroad programs.

  • Exchange programs – Exchange programs offer semester-long or year-long study at a school that has a special agreement with Martin Methodist through an exchange network--The Methodist International Student Exchange Network or the Irish American Scholars Program. Through MISEN, MMC students can study in Brazil, Japan, Mexico, or Taiwan. Through IASP, they can study in Northern Ireland. For several of the MISEN programs, no foreign language proficiency is required for application; students will study the language during the program. A major benefit of an exchange program is that a student's tuition doesn't change. You pay the same amount you normally pay MMC and continue to receive all awarded financial aid. Room, board, and travel expenses will vary, depending on the host institution, and are borne by the student.
  • Non-exchange programs – Students can choose from additional study abroad options. With a non-exchange program, however, students pay their tuition and fees directly to the program. This means that students are not able to apply their MMC financial aid. Costs will vary depending on the program
  • Faculty-led, short-term programs – Students can participate in the Spring Breakaway program. Each year MMC offers a different study away experience--either domestic or international--that takes place over the spring break. The Spring Breakaway, which varies from year to year, serves as a field experience for a particular academic course or discipline in which the students are enrolled. Costs, which will vary depending on the destination, are partially subsidized by the College.

How do I find out more information?

You'll want to get started early deciding when, where, and for how long you want to study abroad. You'll want to compare programs, cost, application procedures, and timelines. And you'll need information about passports, visas, insurance, and financial aid. Each year the International Studies Committee hosts a series of events to get you acquainted with International Travel.  These events include: International Convocation, International Day in the Dining Hall, Informational sessions throughout the semester, and a booth at the activity fair.  These events provide you with an opportunity to learn more about each program.

Individual meetings can be set-up as well to discuss any of these programs in greater detail.  For questions contact George Cheatham, 931.424.2031, Director of International Studies at Martin Methodist College located in Martin Hall, 433 W. Madison Street, Pulaski, TN 38478.


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