Martin Methodist College Hosts Three Scholarship Competitions Annually!

1. Michael W. & Barbara B. Barton Scholarship Competition

The Michael W. and Barbara B. Barton Scholarship Award is the highest academic honor that entering freshmen can receive at Martin Methodist College. Awards are determined in February after the Barton Scholarship Competition held February 1, 2020. Two students are awarded a full tuition scholarship renewable annually as long as the recipient maintains a 3.0 GPA.

Distinguished members of the faculty and administration will determine the two full- tuition recipients based on the results from an on-campus essay and a personal interview. In addition, ALL participants of the competition will receive a generous scholarship renewable annually and will be invited to join MMC’s W. Garie Taylor Honors Program.

Eligible high school seniors must have a minimum composite ACT score of 24 and a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

In addition to the entry criteria, interested applicants must also have the following items on file in the admissions office by Wednesday, January 26th, 2020.

Needed documents:

  • Registration for the competition
  • MMC application for admission
  • HS Transcript/ACT or SAT score
  • Written reference letter from teacher, guidance counselor or HS principal.

The Barton Competition takes place in early February. Contact Alyssa Evans at for more details.

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(Freshmen Only) 

2. Ben Alford Church Leader Scholarship Competition 

The Cal Turner, Jr. Center for Church Leadership of Martin Methodist College awards two or more Ben Alford Scholarships each year to students showing exceptional promise in the area of church leadership. These are full tuition scholarships, renewable for all four years. Recipients will be determined by a special committee in a competition held on campus. The competition held February 29, 2020, includes an on-campus essay and personal interview.


  • Current and active member of a congregation with Wesleyan heritage: United Methodist Church, AME, AME Zion, CME, AUMP, or UAME
  • The desire for a long-term commitment to the church

The scholarships are open to any major; applicants need not work in paid ministry in order to be eligible.

To apply for the Ben Alford Scholarship Competition, you must submit the following:

  • MMC Application for Admission
  • Ben Alford Scholars competition registration.
  • High School Transcript
  • Copy of ACT/ SAT score
  • Written letter of reference from your pastor.

Ben Alford Scholars Developing Church Leaders Application can be found on Martin Methodist College website under Church Leadership.

Contact Abby Stanton at for more details.

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(Open to transfer students) 

3. Future Educators Scholarship Competition

Students interested in competing for the scholarship will complete the on-line form. When notified of the competition date, qualified applicants will receive the packet of requirements. At the competition held February 1, 2020, applicants will be interviewed by the committee and instructed to write an essay on site.

Distinguished members of the education faculty, administration, and other professional educators will determine the recipient of the Future Educator Award. One student will receive a full tuition scholarship. The scholarship is annually renewable while the recipient maintains an appropriate GPA.

For consideration, applicants must be: 

  1. A high school senior/college transfer
  2. Possess a minimum of 3.0 grade point average
  3. Possess a minimum ACT of 21 or an SAT of 1080
  4. Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
  5. *Committed to becoming a future educator

What is needed to apply?

  1. MMC application for admission
  2. Future Educator's Application
  3. High school transcript and/or college transcript
  4. Copy of ACT/SAT score
  5. Written reference from a high school faculty member or college professor that addresses your promise as a future educator. 
  6. A list of reasons why you want to be an educator.

Contact Daylan Woodall at for more details. (Open to transfer students)

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Veteran’s Benefits 

Are you a military veteran? Service Member? Family Member of a Veteran or Service Member?

Martin Methodist has the tools to help you achieve your goals. We provide individualized attention. Contact our Director of Veteran Services for assistance with using your military benefits.

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