Martin Methodist Scholarships for Methodist Students

Dependents Grant

All persons under appointment and/or their dependents in the United Methodist Church receive at least a half tuition grant. (United Methodist Ministerial Grant)  Additional Martin Methodist Scholarship monies are available as well.

Ben Alford Scholarship

The Ben Alford Scholarship Competition gives two full tuition scholarships each year to United Methodist students.  This does not include fees or books and no other Martin Methodist monies can be used.

All those competing in the Ben Alford Scholarship competition will receive a half-tuition scholarship (unless they are recipients of the United Methodist Ministerial Grant).

All UM students not receiving the United Methodist Ministerial Grant or the Ben Alford Scholarship receive a $4,000 United Methodist grant ($1,000 of this will go toward the Dollars For Scholars Program if the recipient choses to be involved in that program-see UM Higher Education website) and other Martin Methodist monies are available.


Church Partner Plan (CPP)

All UM students whose church is a fully funded Church Partner Plan Church receive an additional $2,000 for a total of $6,000 Church Partner Plan (CPP) Grant, if not receiving the United Methodist Ministerial Grant or the Ben Alford Scholarship.

All fully endowed CPP Churches can designate to what student the money raised by the endowment will go and Martin Methodist will match that amount. Monies can go to any student designated by the church regardless of other scholarships.

Residential and Commuting students will be treated similarly in the CPP.

See below for other sources of United Methodist Scholarship monies besides Martin Methodist monies.

United Methodist Scholarships

General Board of Higher Education & Ministry
The United Methodist General Scholarship
  • Choose if you meet the general requirements but are unsure for which program you qualify. May be awarded to undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral students; must be full active members of the UMC for at least 1 year; have a minimum GPA of 2.5+, and are attending any accredited institution within the U.S. Average award: undergrad $500 - $1,000; graduate $1,000 - $2,000.
The Allan Jerome Burry Scholarship
  • Undergraduates (incoming freshmen NOT eligible); member of UMC at least 3 years. Nomination by campus minister/chaplain, recognizing academic performance, leadership skills, and participation in the activities of a UM-related campus ministry or chaplaincy program at the college or university. Member of UMC at least 3 years. GPA 3.0+. Average award $1,000.
The Bishop James C. Baker Award
  • Designated for CURRENT United Methodist Campus Ministers who have been in campus ministry for at least 3 years. Must have received an MDIV degree or equivalent; be pursuing advanced training: doctorate degree, certification, or independent study; GPA 3.0+. Must be committed to remaining in campus ministry. Average award $2,000 - $5,000.
The Bishop Joseph B. Bethea Scholarship
  • Undergraduate scholarship for African American students. Applicant must be a member of the Southeastern Jurisdiction Black Methodists for Church Renewal (SEJBMCR); GPA 2.8+, demonstrate financial need. Average award $500 - $1,000.
The Clinical Pastoral Education-Ethnic In Service Training (EIST) Stipend
  • United Methodist clergy, certified candidate for ministry, or seminary student accepted into an accredited Clinical Pastor Education (CPE) or an accredited American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC) program; Chaplain or pastoral counselor or pastoral care; racial/ethnic minority. Average award $1,500.
The Coleman Tyson Siekman Scholarship
  • Designated for endorsed clergy or persons pursuing endorsement through the United Methodist Endorsing Agency for correctional ministry. Requires ordained clergy or seminary students on the candidacy track to ordained ministry; experience in and a call to serve in the criminal justice/correctional ministries. Average award $700 - $1,000.
The David W. Self Scholarship
  • Students pursuing a church related career. Incoming freshmen (first year of undergraduate study) only may apply. Average award $1,000.
The E. Craig Brandenburg Scholarship
  • Applicants must be students 35 years of age or older; desiring to continue their education or go into a second career; member of the UMC for at least 1 year. Average award $1,000-2,000.
The Edith M. Allen Scholarship
  • This scholarship is for outstanding African-American graduate or undergraduate students pursuing a degree in education, social work, medicine, and/or other health professions. Must be enrolled at a UM college or university, have a B+ average or higher; and be an active full member of the UMC for at least 3 years. Average award $1,000.  
The Elvina Jane Owen Award
  • Student must be majoring in education. First preference to students in the Jonestown District of the Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference enrolled at Allegheny College. Second preference to graduate students from Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference. GPA 2.85+. Average award $500 - $1,000.
The Esther Edwards Graduate Scholarship
  • Female administrator or faculty member working for a United Methodist related institution pursuing a Ph.D. in higher education administration. GPA 3.0+. Average award $5,000.
The Ethnic Minority Scholarship
  • Undergraduate students of Native American, Asian, African American, Hispanic or Pacific Islander parentage pursuing their first degree. GPA 2.5+. Average award $500 - $1,000.
The Fred Heather Memorial Scholarship
  • Designated for endorsed persons completing requirements for professional certification, advanced training appropriate to their endorsed setting, or enrolled in an Association of Clinical Pastor Education (ACPE) training toward certification as an ACPE Super- visor. Requires a person ordained in full connection or a certified candidate for ministry; endorsed currently or potentially endorsed by the United Methodist Endorsing Agency (UMEA). Average award $1,000.
The Georgia Harkness Scholarship
  • Females, age 35 or older, pursuing an M.Div. degree at any University Senate Approved School of Theology. Must be a certified candidate at time of application for the Elder track. Preference given to those who have chosen ministry as a second career. GPA 3.0+. Average award $5,000. See the Georgia Harkness Scholarship page for more detailed information.
The HANA Scholarship
  • Applicant must be born of Hispanic, Asian, Native American, or Pacific Island parentage (at least one parent); an upper level student (undergraduate at junior or senior level; OR a graduate or doctoral student); full and active member of the UMC for at least 3 years; GPA of 2.85+; with plans to prepare for leadership in the UMC and in their HANA community. Average award $1,000-3,000.
The Helen and Allen Brown Scholarship
  • Undergraduate racial/ethnic minority students from the Nashville District of the Tennessee Annual Conference or the New Orleans District of the Louisiana Annual Conference. Member of the UMC at least 3 years; demonstrate financial need. GPA 3.0+. Average award $500 - $1,000.
The Joe and Trudy Thaxton Scholarship
  • Applicant must be an active member of Main Street United Methodist Church, Bedford, Virginia. Must demonstrate an ongoing history of active participation in church and community. Average award $500 - $1,000.
The Journey Toward Ordained Ministry Scholarship
  • Student must be pursuing ordained ministry at either the undergraduate or graduate level; racial/ethnic minority aged 30 or under; member of UMC 2 years; must be attending a UM related institution. GPA of 2.85+ (undergraduate); or 3.0+ (graduate). This program has a mentoring component. Average award $5,000.
The Miriam Hoffman Scholarship
  • Undergraduate or graduate level, pursuing a vocational career in music education or music ministry. Average award $500 - $1,000.
The Native American Seminary Award
  • Native American students pursuing a degree at a University Senate approved seminary. Funded through the Native American Ministries Sunday Offering. Member of UMC at least 3 years. Born of Native American/American Indian/Alaskan Native parentage at least one parent). Documentation of tribal affiliation required. Must be in the candidacy process of ordination and demonstrate involvement within the Native American community. Average award $3,000 - $10,000.
The Rev. Charles W. Tadlock Scholarship
  • Students must be a certified candidate for ordination as an Elder in the UMC and successfully completed first year of seminary and pursuing an M.Div. As scholarship is derived from a will, preference given to candidates from the Missouri Annual Conference but is open to all. GPA 2.85+ . Average award $1,000 - $2,000.
The Rev. Dr. Karen Layman Gift of Hope: 21st Century Scholars Program
  • Undergraduate students who demonstrate strong leadership in the UMC. Member of UMC at least 3 years. GPA 3.0+. Average award $1,000 .
The Richard S. Smith Scholarship
  • Students pursuing a church related career. Must be a racial/ethnic minority. Incoming freshmen (first year of undergraduate study) only may apply. Average award $1,000.
The Rosalie Bentzinger Scholarship
  • Ordained Deacon pursuing a Ph.D. in Christian Education, enrolled in a University Senate approved Seminary; minimum 3 year membership in the UMC. GPA 3.0+. Average award $5,000.
The Special Seminary Scholarship
  • Seminary students pursuing ordained ministry as a vocation (M.Div.) under 30 years of age (unless applicant is a renewal). Must be attending a UM-related seminary or school of theology. Average award $2,000.
Young People’s Ministries International Scholarship
  • GBOD Young People’s Ministries International Scholarship is a need-based scholarship for United Methodist students, ages 16-30, attending a university outside of the United States. This onetime scholarship requires the applicant to be accepted to an international university/institution, and the award amount will vary annually based on need and available funds. Applications are available in English, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Germen, and are due March 1.
United Methodist Higher Education Foundation
United Methodist Dollars for Scholars Program
  • Each year through the United Methodist Dollars for Scholars (UMDFS) program, the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation (UMHEF) provides $1,000 matching scholarships to United Methodist students who have received a $1,000 scholarship from their local United Methodist church to help them attend a United Methodist-related college, university, or seminary. Additional matching funds may be available to eligible applicants through the Triple Your Dollars and/or the Quadruple Your Dollars components of the UMDFS program. The number of available matching scholarships is determined annually. Available matching funds include 25 scholarships designated for Hispanic-, Asian-, and Native-American [HANA] students funded by the UM General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. 

United Methodist Dollars for Scholars Application

TN Annual Conference
Walter Russell Lambuth Scholarship Fund Program
  • This fund was created by the United Methodist Foundation of the Memphis and Tennessee Conferences after the closing of Lambuth University. This scholarship will be awarded to deserving students in both the Memphis and Tennessee Conference each year administered by each conference’s Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry.

Lambuth Scholarship Application Form 2015

Tennessee Annual Conference Methodist Scholarship
  • This scholarship is made available through scholarship funds in the Board of Higher Ed and Campus Ministry.  It is a needs based scholarship for students enrolled or entering United Methodist related colleges or universities.

The applicant must:

  1. Be a full, active member of The United Methodist Church for at least 1 year prior to application.
  2. Have a 3.0 or above grade point average or equivalent
  3. Be an undergraduate student currently or enrolling in the Fall at a United Methodist related college or university.
  4. Demonstrates a financial need.
  5. Be recommended by their local congregation pastor.

Tennessee Conference Methodist Scholarship - for more information click here.

Martin Methodist Minority Student Scholarship
  • The Tennessee Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry announces the Martin Methodist Minority Student Scholarship. This scholarship will be given annually to a minority student pursuing an undergraduate degree from Martin Methodist College. This award will be a maximum of $1,000 per year.

Martin Methodist College

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