American Methodism has devoted itself to the cause of education for over 200 years. More than 700 academic institutions in the United States bear the mark of the Methodist movement. Martin Methodist College is one of those institutions, and it has enjoyed a close relationship with the Tennessee Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church since the College was founded in 1870.


The Church Partner Plan

  • Invites local congregations of the United Methodist Church to be covenant partners with Martin Methodist College in a historic and biblical way.
  • Seeks to acknowledge and enhance this ministry partnership between Martin Methodist College and the churches of the Tennessee Conference.
  • Is one of celebration and mutual enhancement of the sake of God’s people who are called to servant leadership in congregations, communities, and throughout society.


 "The Church Partner Scholarship is a scholarship that is a big help to me and my family. Not only does the scholarship pay for a portion of my college but it also helps to strengthen the bond with the churches that provide the scholarship and with Martin Methodist College. This scholarship is one that helps me live out my dreams to become a pediatrician and eventually do mission workplaces."

Caitlin Hopper, Mt. Olivet UMC, Shelbyville, TN
Church Partner Plan Recipient

Martin Methodist College

433 West Madison St.
Pulaski, TN 38478