Classes needed just for Youth Ministry Certificate - taught as needed


  • Models/Philosophy/Theology of Youth Ministry

This workshops begins the exploration into ministry with/by/to youth in the American context.  The course assumes a congregational based youth ministry, but will examine some para-denominational and non-denominational youth ministries models, with an eye toward discovering the theological and philosophical differences.

  • Adolescent World - Dealing with Culture

This workshop begins an exploration into the world of adolescents in the American context.  The course will focus on some of the recent developmental, psychological, sociological, historical and economic issues that structure and shape the adolescent experience in the American context.  Some attention will be paid to school, gender, work, health, media, family and other structures in the world of the adolescent. 

  • Books and Curriculum

This workshop focuses on curriculum theory, evaluation, and survey of the current trends and curriculum in Youth ministry.

Martin Methodist College

433 West Madison St.
Pulaski, TN 38478