How the program is structured

Highly interactive classes include case discussions, presentations, team projects and assignments, faculty and peer review, and coaching. Faculty is especially selected for breadth of both academic and business world experience.




Who can benefit from the program

This program or its courses may be beneficial to you or your career if you find yourself in need of some of the following skills:

  • Negotiating
  • Resolving conflict
  • Marketing products or services
  • Communicating effectively
  • Leading teams or participating in teams
  • Making presentations and conducting meetings
  • Using new media effectively


Courses in the program

The program consists of four courses. Upon successful completion of all four courses a Certificate in Negotiations and Professional Selling will be earned. The program must be completed within a 3-year period to earn the certificate. Courses can be taken individually in order to meet your specific career goals.

Negotiations and Conflict Resolution

We all negotiate. Whether we are negotiating a multi-million dollar deal or negotiating the chore schedule with our kids, we can improve our outcomes by developing a systematic framework for negotiating, and developing our skills in dealing with the other side. This hands-on course will give you both the theory and the practice to become an effective negotiator and to successfully deal with other people’s negotiating styles. We will teach you to get past "No” and get to "Yes”.

Business-to-Business Marketing

Most professional selling takes place in the business-to-business (B2B) context. In this course you will learn about organizational buying behavior, customer relationship management, market segmentation and demand, and marketing strategy in the B2B context, using cases, teamwork, cutting edge readings, and class discussion.

Professional Selling

Professional salespeople are the front line of revenue generation for B2B companies. They are top earners and are in demand. This course will prepare you to enter the profession or ascend the success ladder. It will cover prospecting, understanding the buyer, relationship management, ethical issues, making the presentation, team selling, consultative selling, and managing time and territory. This is a case-based course where you can confront and master the issues and ideas that face professional salespeople in today’s complex environment.

Communications, Technology, and New Media

This course will acquaint you with the sophisticated platforms and media that successful salespeople are using. You will learn how to make the most out of management platforms such as Salesforce; how to find and use free customer and market research on the Internet; how to use the internet and social media to keep in touch with customers and teams; and how to manage great meetings and presentations online.


Program Cost

Each individual course costs $1,250. Many employers may be willing to offset some or all of the cost to you. If you take subsequent courses in the Certificate Program, you will receive successive discounts. However, you can take any course as a stand-alone course. All study materials are included in the price.


How to apply

Get started today!

Knowledge of financial statements, basic computer skills (MS Word and Excel) and access to the Internet are required. Online courses for self-study are available if you need to gain or brush up on financial statements or computer skills.

For more information contact, Cheri Thomas, Director, at or at 931.230.4499.

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