Article III – Purposes and Goals of the Martin Marauders Chapter: The purpose of the Martin Marauders is to promote and support social justice, civic engagement and service both locally and globally.

            Section I – Mission Statement

Martin Marauders will promote the campaigns and initiatives of the Harry Potter Alliance in our school and local community.

Section II – Goals

Our local chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance will include three different focuses in all of our projects. First, we will work to promote various Harry Potter Alliance campaigns throughout the year. Second, we will work to bring these campaigns and initiatives to Martin Methodist and the community. Third, we will focus on strengthening our own chapter leadership and structure.

Section III – Goals of Affiliate Harry Potter Alliance

The Harry Potter Alliance is an international organization that aims to help educate individuals and communities alike on the various social justice-based initiatives by drawing links between stories and our world. The Harry Potter Alliance currently focuses on promoting fair trade and activism, media reform, literacy, environmental concerns and equality among race, social class, gender, etc. Popular stories, like Harry Potter, present examples of each of these issues, and we believe that these parallels will allow us to reach more people on campus and educate our community on social causes in an innovative way.












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