Welcome to Martin Methodist Residential Life!

The Residential Life Team is committed to making your experience within the residence halls a safe, student centered, and memorable part of you time at MMC.  By living on campus, our residential students are in the center of campus life with easy access to student organizations, sporting events, and on-campus resources.

Our Facilities:

We have four on-campus residential halls:

  • Student Apartments, consisting of two multilevel structures, house 116 students; each apartment has four single bedrooms, two full baths, a small kitchen and dining area, and washer/dryer facilities.
  • Criswell Hall, a traditional dormitory-style building, provides comfortable living quarters for female students. This building has a guest lounge, a resident lounge for the private use of the students, a laundry room, the resident counselor’s apartment, and a chapel. Located in an elevated position, it commands a panoramic view of the campus and provides easy access to the Student Union.
  • Upperman Hall is a traditional dormitory-style residence hall for both men and women. This building is conveniently located in the heart of campus life with easy access to offices, academic buildings, and the Student Union.
  • Oakwood Honors Apartments, located on West Flower Street, are apartment-style units with two bedrooms with a closet, bed, chest of drawers, and cable connections. Each apartment also has one bathroom, washer and dryer, and a kitchen with a full-sized refrigerator and stove. To be eligible to live in Oakwood Honors, students must have lived on campus for at least one year and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.30 or higher.

To tour a residential hall, please contact Brad Wolfe, A.D. of Residential Life, at bwolfe@martinmethodist.edu!

Our Staff:

The Residential Life Staff consist of an Assistant Director, 3 Hall Directors, and 14 Student Resident Assistants. Our staff host programs within the residence halls to build community and encourage student involvement. Please reach out if you have questions!

Our Policy:

Beginning Fall 2019: MMC has a Residential Requirement for all full-time students under the age of 21 and enrolled in at least 12 hours of coursework each semester are required to live on campus. An exception to this requirement will based on the student living at home with a parent, legal guardian, sibling (over the age of 25), or a grandparent within a 40 mile radius of campus. A complete summary of our residential requirements can be found here.

Spring 2019: Full-time students under the age of 25 and enrolled in at least 12 hours of coursework each semester are required to live on campus.

Additional policies can be found in the Student Handbook and in the Room and Board Agreement signed by each residential student.

For questions pertaining to residential policy, status, or fees, please contact Brad Wolfe, A.D. of Residential Life, at bwolfe@martinmethodist.edu.



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