Martin Moments Requirements

Developing a sense of community and broadening cultural perspectives is a major part of the college experience and vital to the concept of a liberal education.  Martin Methodist College is committed to assisting in this enrichment by providing a variety of opportunities to come together for cultural, spiritual, and intellectual events.  To insure that students benefit from these opportunities, the College requires all students to accumulate a prescribed number of cultural/intellectual/religious enrichment credits, called Martin Moments credits, over the course of their academic careers.  Attendance at a minimum of twenty total events is required and failure to attend the prescribed number of events will result in a fine of $50 for each requirement that is not met.

Martin Moments Schedule

Each semester, a list of approved Martin Moments programs will be published on the College web page.  Events fall into the following four areas, and students are encouraged to select events from different areas although there is no requirement that every area be included.

Click here to view the complete list of events for 2019-2020.

Martin Moments Event Options

Religious Expression:
  • Chapel
  • Celebration of Faith
Cultural Enrichment:
  • Dramatic productions
  • Concerts (Della Clayton Lee Series, Choir Presentations, Recitals, etc.)
  • Special events
Intellectual Enrichment:
  • Big Picture
  • Guest lectures
Campus Life:
  • Selected student activities programs

Students are required to meet their Martin Moments obligation according to the following schedule.

Attendance Requirements

Students are required to accumulate a minimum of 20 Martin Moments credits during their four years at Martin Methodist College.  These may be accumulated in any manner as determined by the student.  All 20 Martin Moments credits may be accumulated in one single term of enrollment or spread out over the student’s entire period of residency at Martin Methodist College. Students are strongly encouraged to attend additional events, but this minimum is required and no exemptions will be grated for failure to achieve this minimum number of events.

Students who are enrolled for internships and who are not in residence during a term (e.g., student teaching, Sport Management Internship, Nursing Clinicals, etc.) should plan ahead and complete the required minimum number of Martin Moments credits prior to undertaking these activities. In the event of unusual hardship in acquiring the minimum number of Martin Moments, students should contact the Vice President for Academic Affair at the earliest possible time to discuss alternatives. Students who wait until near graduation to make such requests will be subject to being fined for failure to attend the prescribed number of required events.

Requirements for transfer students are based upon prior semesters enrolled full-time in college. Students who have already earned a baccalaureate degree are exempt from this requirement. 

Students who come to their final semester and whose cumulative Martin Moments credits fall below the minimum required must pay all fines associated with Martin Moments deficiencies prior to graduation.

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