Orientation Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to my MMC Account?

  1.  Get your credentials. Credentials are your Student ID Number, Username, and temporary Password. Your credentials are securely emailed to you before Orientation. If have already attended Orientation and didn't receive them, please let us know!
    • Student ID Numbers usually look like: M0000009999
    • Usernames usually look like: asmith9999 (Usernames are also your email address, i.e. asmith9999@martinmethodist.edu)
  2. Visit https://portal.martinmethodist.edu/ to access your accounts!

When does school start?

Our current start date (COVID-19 dependent) is September 10, 2020 for regular courses. First Year Experience classes, as well as night and Masters-level courses, may start earlier in the week. You can find our Academic Calendar here with more details!

What shots do I need before I start school?

Different students have different immunization requirements, detailed here. Use the chart below as a guide! (Martin Methodist College currently does not require COVID-19 antibody testing.)


I will be living on campus.

I will not be living on campus.

I graduated from high school in the state of Tennessee after 2016.

  • Hepatitis B Form  
  • Meningitis Immunizations
  • Hepatitis B Form

I did not graduate from high school in the state of Tennessee.

  • Hepatitis B Form
  • Meningitis Immunizations
  • MMR Vaccinations
  • Varicella Vaccination
  • Hepatitis B Form
  • MMR Vaccinations
  • Varicella Vaccination

I am transferring from another college or university.

  • Hepatitis B Form
  • Meningitis Immunizations
  • MMR Vaccinations
  • Varicella Vaccination
  • Hepatitis B Form
  • MMR Vaccinations
  • Varicella Vaccination












Does Martin Methodist have a study abroad and/or off campus programs?

Yes! We offer study abroad programs throughout Europe, as well as South America. Talk to your Academic Advisor to see if studying abroad is right for you!

What kind of job opportunities are available for students on campus?

There are numerous opportunities for students to work on campus and earn extra money to pay for personal and academic expenses throughout the year. Students can quality for Federal or State work-study positions, as well as other on campus jobs like lifeguarding at our pool, serving through the Dining Hall, working at The Martin (Giles County's only movie theater, right here on campus!), or working directly for our maintenance, media, or athletic crews. Contact Career Services to learn more!

What is a Martin Moment?

A Martin Moment is an educational event that students are encouraged to attend. Each student will need to attend at least 20 total events in order to graduate, and Martin Moments are offered every week!

Is Chapel mandatory?

No, chapel is on a “come as you feel” basis. There is no penalty for not attending chapel, though each service is a Martin Moment! We want every student to feel welcome despite any religious or spiritual differences.

How do I get my textbooks?

Textbooks can be bought in person or online through the Martin Methodist Bookstore. Students can provide the bookstore with their class schedules and receive assistance retrieving the correct textbook!

How do I receive on-campus tutoring?

Students are encouraged to visit the Student Resource Center which is located in the Student Union building. Students are able to make appointments for tutoring in any subject throughout the day.

Is there a medical clinic on campus?

Yes, Martin Methodist has a professionally-staffed, on-campus medical clinic that operates free of charge to all students! The Clinic is open throughout the week. Medical emergencies will be directed to the Giles County hospital.

Is there a counselor on campus I can book appointments with?

Yes, Martin Methodist employs a licensed counselor through the Clinic. Students are able to set up free, confidential appointments with her throughout the week. Visit our Clinic's homepage and look for "Counselor on Site" for our counselor's current hours.

Living On Campus Questions

What is provided in a dorm room?

Each room in both women and mens residential halls is equipped with heating and hair conditioning, cable television-hookup (for a small fee), and internet. Rooms also include a bed, dresser, desk, chair, and closet.

Can I bring my own wifi router?

Unfortunately, students are not allowed to bring their own wifi routers. Wifi is supplied by the IT department.

What should I bring if I am living in a residence hall?

Students are encouraged to bring bedding, bathroom necessities, shower caddy, shower shoes, microwave, mini fridge, school supplies, laundry detergent, and clothes hangers. Microwaves and refrigerators are optional as one of each is provided in the dorm kitchen. A good list of what to bring is here! New students may want to consider purchasing bedding through our partnership at OCM. OCM bedding is guaranteed to fit Martin Methodist's beds.

What should I bring if I am living in an on campus apartment?

Students are encouraged to bring bedding, bathroom necessities, shower caddy, shower curtain, trash can (for both bathroom and kitchen), laundry detergent, clothes hangers, and Kitchenware. Microwaves and refrigerators are supplied within the apartment.

What are visitation hours?

Visitation hours in the residence halls are from 10am-12am. Visitation hours in the on campus apartments are 10am-2am. Same-sex overnight guest must be requested 24 hours in advance through your residential director.

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